March 25

Today::my journal is filled - I haven't drawn this much since I was in 3rd grade. My roommate has been looking at me strangely...but I don't care :) this is fantastic.

I'd heard about (THE TAPE) and friends had begged me to join in - I really don't know why I waited so long:::it's like u see things more clearly - as if u put on special glasses or something - dunno, it is hard to explain - easier to show. Look at <LADDERS> what is that?? And why did I draw it?? Because I saw it as I walked down the hall at school - there it was - like I could reach out and touch it::actually I tried. As real as a 3D hologram - I could walk around it, u could look up into the holes and see infinity - as if u stepped into a psychedelic amusement park (SHE is a presence).

So (DAY 1) is everything my friends said it would be - and a lot more. It feels spiritual - like u are in tune with another power - something u can feel but cannot see:::but then - things are revealed to the ladders, and visions of infinity. I feel it is telling me something - I can climb up, or I can climb down - it is the same...u can see your journey doesn't end with the ladder - it just begins.

But one thing I noticed :) - time is not normal:::in fact is hardly seems like time at all. It is more like being stretched on some endless loop - after the static ends - time stops - strangely enough - u think only of time (DAY 1) - (DAY2) - but it does not feel real like it is actually passing. More are entering a room:::experiencing a day with its own otherworldly physics - then you leave and enter another doorway.

SHE does this::but I don't know how - the beauty of the tape is that everyone sees unique things...each different - incredible :) - I'm interested in hearing from u - just send me an email and I'll post your experiences. I'm sorry that I cannot answer u - but we can share this forum and message board and learn more about each other and this astounding (TAPE)...bye, erika

Day 1
Name: Tori
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Hi! My name is Tori and my boyfriend and I are total horror fanatics. I love freaky special effects and zombies, and I'm a sucker for any low budget flicks about cheesy vampires with bad makeup. We found the tape through our friends who liked bad movies too. I actually do painting with the old retro style horror look, like mock-ups of movie posters. I think I get my inspiration from the movies themselves.

After watching the tape, I started to draw the wells and the ladders. I drew circles, too. Just circles over and over again until the paper broke. It wasn't my usual "slumps" where I can't paint. it was just the same theme over and over again. Even my boyfriend knew it wasn't like me, but he started to draw with me that night and found himself doing pretty much the same thing. That was for two days. He would come over and hang out and we'd draw or talk about the weird things we saw. Then, he'd go home and I'd go to sleep, thinking that we were going to really just draw crazy things and get spooky feelings. I mean, that's all scary movies do to you. It was just a *really* scary (and bizarre!) short film. Probably full of subliminal messages.

The next morning, I was taking a shower and had my eyes closed, as usual, so the soap doesn't get in my eyes. I shower in the dark because I'm lazy and I hate the light early in the morning, so I flipped out when I opened my eyes after rinsing my hair and I was *in a well.* Literally. I even put my hand against the rough sides of it. I could *feel* it. I opened up my eyes after I quickly shut them, because I thought I was hallucinating, and I got out of the shower and turned on the light. That's when I saw her profile through the shower curtain on the other side, where I'd been a minute before. I don't know how I knew it was her, but I just knew. The shower curtain was sort of half-clear, and I could tell she was short and had darkish colored hair.

My boyfriend, I called him immediately. He told me all about a horse waking him up in the middle of the night, dripping blood on his forehead, standing over his bed. I knew it was time to put a stop to it. That's when I called my friends and asked them about where they'd gotten the tape.

They hadn't even watched it, they said. They heard it was some sort of cursed tape, and I assured them that it wasn't, and then invited them over to see it with my boyfriend and I.

Day 1
Name: Ehrik
Location: Scarborough, Maine

I consider myself a skeptic. I don't believe anything unless i can confirm it myself, which is why i was eager to see this tape. it was pretty messed up, but no big deal. it looked cheap, like some college kid made it or something. Then my sketch book started filling up with pictures i would draw of ladders mostly. ladders and circles. i shrugged it off as some subconcious thing i had going on from watching the tape.

then today, out of curiosity i took a picture of myself. im starting to think that maybe this shit isnt just a bunch of rumors. any way, i attached my picture, if you're interested. feel free to put it up on the site.

Day 1
Name: Eris Thorn

it's good to know im not the only one like this. i saw the tape and came out crying. i didnt sleep that night. the next day i kept hearing dripping water and static everywhere i went. then i began drawing... wells and rings and black hair. scratching over the drawings were in bold scratchy writing that isn't mine "EVERYONE WILL SUFFER". my friends think im crazy. so does my boyfriend. they dont understand. neither do i. seeing flies and water and her name everywhere.

Day 1
Name: Megan
Location: Oakland, CA

i am so seriously freaked! i went ova to my friend's house for a sleepover. she asked me to watch the tape with her, and told me that it was a really good show, and i agreed. after i watched then she told me the rules. i screamed at her after but i couldn't do anything. i got my diary to write some stories about people getting revenge on mean people, and then started doodling a pic of a girl. it turned out very cool and detailed. then for some reason i started drawing a ladder next to her. then a lot of ladders were surrounding her in my picture. i tried to go to sleep, and reminded myself that nothing could go wrong, i'm a normal girl. i had dreams of ladders and a spooky girl standing in infinity, staring at me with creepy eyes. i swear, it is freaky. when i woke up to take a shower, i looked out the window. a girl had her hands pressed against my window her face too. i screamed and my sister woke up. she didn't see anything at all. i thought i was dreaming, but i went to take a shower and didn't 'wake up' or anything. then i picked up my comb to brush my hair, and there was stringy black hair all ova it!! i didn't even believe the testimonys here before that, but now i believe. my hair is light brown blondish!! then yesterday while i was emailing my friend hate mail, a image of a girl in black and white flashed up on the screen again and again. i couldn't even get out of it! when my brother came, it disappeared. is this going to keep on hauting me? i hate it!! it seems all fake but its very real to me. watch the tape and you'll know, but i hope you don't. now i am failing in school, the teacher had a talk with me about me putting rachel in scrawling handwriting on all my assignments. i don't remember. my math teacher asked me why i wrote she is coming soon on my math sheet, and i really didn't know why. i'm warning you not to watch the tape. just don't.





DAY 4 

DAY 5