Day 2
Name: Leslie
Location: Chicago, IL

I've read some of the stories here and I wanted to ask you all a question. Just how do you choose who will watch the tape next? I haven't finished my days, and I'm not ready to pass it on next, but I have no idea who I'm going to show the tape to. I watched it knowing exactly what it was, but I didn't believe what they told me about it. Now I'm too paranoid not to pass it on. From what I hear, people actually die from this thing. Is anyone looking for a copy who would want to actually watch my tape? You guys all know how it works. Please respond within the next 3 days. I'll check back before giving it to someone else. My name is Leslie and I live right outside Chicago, and I can drive within a reasonable distance to bring it out to you. Thanks.

Day 2
Name: Ryan
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Hi, I'm Ryan I live just outside of Phoenix and there really isn't much to do around here, so my friends and I do a little more than drink for fun. I thought I'd tried just about everything I could find, and then one of the more lonerish guys at school told me about video that was supposed to make you trip when you watched it, even if you were totally sober. I thought it sounded like some kinda hippie thing that he found in his basement or something, and didn't pay too much attention to his offer. He gave me the tape anyway, and I took it and went home, totally forgetting about it for a few days. And I swear to god, the only reason I finally went back and watched it was because he stopped coming to school. He must not have been told about how it works because the school and his parents thought he ran away from home and never came back. But now that I think about it, he must have died.

I watched the tape and started to have the weird visions, too. In school, flies started coming out of my French teacher's mouth, and a little girl was sitting next to me, maybe a few feet away. I didn't remember her ever being in the class, and when I turned around to stare straight at her, she was gone. I thought the school was haunted, and then it started happening at home, too. I was eating dinner and the table suddenly was spilling water into my lap. My mom took polaroids of us all when my aunt came to visit from Utah and I came out fuzzy in all of them. I walked down the stairs once and found a ladder in my way. It just went straight up into the ceiling and vanished without any sort of interruption.

The first day was amazing. I would be daydreaming in class, and lift my pen up from the notebook to realize I'd been drawing all sorts of pictures. Most of them were deer, but one of them had the name "Rachel" in huge letters across the page. I felt like I was in a daze, and I didn't remember any of it happening. I actually got goosebumps everytime I looked down and saw what I'd made.

After reading some of these entries, I got a little nervous about going too far, and I copied the tape and gave it to someone else already. I only went two days, but I might have gone longer if I had people who wanted to take part in it with me. Has anyone tried to get another copy of the tape and watch it twice?

Day 2
Name: Theresa
Location: Wilkes Barre, PA

Ig got it from this gurl Nivea (NYYYYvea not like the water) that I met at a party last Friday. She showd it 2 a bunch of us and said 2 copy it and show it to someone else before its a week. Some people I talked to were gonna wait till the last second or whatever. Thats dumb. I don't thingk its true and I aint seen anything since I watched it but I dont play with shit like that. Dont matter if its real or just games. Don't pay 2 play like that. I made a copy and showed it 2 my little cousin yesterday afternoon. Don't pay 2 play like that.

Day 2
Name: Daniel Frankman
Location: Westminister, England

I seen the tape and I was tranced out...I started taking my computer paper and drew the girl coming out of the well....about 21 times. I drew rings and water all over and I collected Maggots in the trash. Myt friends are starting to call me a psychopath but I dont care if I am or not. I sat in my bathroom watching the leaking faucet fascinated by it. I was watching my fathers deer on the wall as the sun risen and set. I even stared at the pool filled of icy water hoping she would come. I understand that a tape is nothing but a few pictures on a strip but I was fascinated by it. I watch it everynight as a bed time story. I count down the days as I wait for the girl...to come into action and take my soul. I have seen many wells....but not one mind...take care.





DAY 4 

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