Name: Vanessa
Age: 19
Location: Portland, Oregon
I wanted to share my experience. I was totally hot for this guy from my Econ class, Eddie. One night at a party we hooked up and from then on, started hanging out. He asked me if I had ever taken acid and I said no, and he started telling me how I could open a portal to another world and see all kinds of amazing things without having to take a drug. Some of his friends had done it, and he was about to try it himself...but he needed me to help him with it. I was crazy for him so of course I said yes.

Six days after that conversation, and a time of me being totally scared but also completely drawn to what I was seeing happen to him, I watched the tape. The only problem was that my tail (that's what we called the person who watches the tape for you) backed out, and I thought I was screwed until I remember this kid from my hometown, Jake. He's a couple of years younger than me and I know he's always had a crush on me. We were in an art class together and he would just stare at me. I called him and invited him up to a party over the weekend.

I knew it'd be a tough sell so I found someone to be a tail and invited him, Eddie and my friend Brooke to help me convince Jake to watch my tape. Eddie was amazing. He gave Jake the same amazing sell he had used on me, and I flirted a little and next thing we know, Jake's asking us what the scary part of the tape was! I couldn’t believe that he didn’t think the tape was freaky.

Anyway, I knew how intense things can be when you're under the influence of the tape so I made sure to keep in close touch with Jake. Plus, Eddie had decided that Jake would be the perfect person to go as far as Day 7 when the tail we'd lined up chickened out after seeing Jake act weird after a couple days. We were insanely curious about what you see and feel on Day 7. I had to keep up the flirting, but it wasn't too hard because Jake was seeing amazing things and I think I almost really felt attracted to him a couple of times.

Today would be Day 8 for Jake. I haven't heard from him today so I don't know if he found someone in the end. Eddie isn't returning my calls either. Anyway, I just wanted to write and tell people that sometimes things will end up working out with the tape, and sometimes they won't, but no matter what you do make sure you go into this with your eyes open. That's the only way you can avoid getting hurt like I did.

PS - The picture I've attached was taken the night I showed my tape to Jake. I've also sent pictures of him and Eddie.

Day 4
Name: Andrew
Location: Los Angeles, CA

I work with a film buff manager at a rental store. He's constantly talking about new movies and obscure crap that is supposed to make himself sound more intellectual than he is, just because he knows who directed what movie, and who wrote the screenplay to this and that, like he's some mature expert, when he's only 19 (wow a whole year older than me, which makes me a child.) Once in awhile, I take his suggestions and watch a movie he insists I see, and he lets me borrow things from him. One night, he handed me a tape that he said he watched the night before, telling me it was the scariest independent work he'd ever seen, and that it was giving him nightmares all night long and into the next morning. I guess he only experienced one day of it, because I watched it and started seeing and hearing the same things he had.

It took me about three days before I finally demanded that he told me where he got it from, and it was one of our mutual friends, another guy at the store who probably had gotten sick of Michael pretending to know it all. Well, Michael did know what the tape did, and might've been hoping that our manager would keep the tape to himself and kick the bucket. Needless to say, I found out what to do pretty fast, and passed the tape onto my roommate next. I didn't exactly tell him what the tape did, but I let him know afterwards, so he still was fine passing it along next.

I don't know where the tape originally came from, or who started to pass it along on purpose, but I'd be interested in finding out. From what I read, the same girl comes to everyone, and the same weird signs keep showing up. I saw the ladders and there was a well in my backyard one night. It had to be pretty deep because there was no sign of reflection in it, and the moon was pretty full. I heard the girl wailing all the time, and I don't even know how to write about it without it sounding fake. I guess most of you would believe me, though, since you've heard her too. The point that I knew something was seriously wrong was when I took a shower and saw all the water beading into a name on the side of the glass door. It said Rachel. I don't know what that little girl wants, but Rachel is important. All I know is that she's gone now, and I think you guys are messing with something you shouldn't be messing with. It's not a game. I wish I didn't have to pass on that tape, but it was scaring me, and I'm not stupid. I think this whole concept of it being a challenge is frighteningly ignorant.

Day 4
Name: james
Location: washington dc

whats up guys? hi, i'm james and i'm 17 and living in dc. i found the tape when i joined a frat in my new college. the guys said that part of the initiation was watching the tape and they invited me over for what i assumed was going to be some weird hazing ritual, like getting me drunk and spinning me around or embarrassing me someplace, but instead they told me about the girl that came to visit you when you watched it. i wanted to be in the fraternity so i watched it and i guess the next guy to join will get the same thing, watching my tape. so i started experiencing weird things like the guys before me.

i started to hear her all the time. but i could tell when she was coming cause i heard a noise like a tv when its all staticy between channels or shows. the noise would creep up first until it was really obvious and then i'd hear her just wailing in the back of my mind. i didn't see her at first. then i'd see ladders around where they shouldn't have been. sticking out of walls or hanging from ceilings, or in the ground pointing up nowhere. i'd try to do homework and i'd end up just sketching this weird stuff on the paper. i drew a horse once that looked so real, and i have no talent at all with drawing stuff. i don't even like to draw. but then my walls started dripping and water was running down the sides of things when i least expected it. then she came.

she's a little girl with black hair. and the only thing i heard her say was rachel. i guess that's her name but i could be wrong. the guys and i hang out a lot now and sometimes we see her at the same time. it's spooky, but really cool. i feel like we're a part of something that not many people know about. i'm gonna keep a journal of what happens and write more later.

Day 4
Name: Kate
Location: West Virginia

Watched the tape on Monday. Went camping with John Tuesday… Nothing funny until the next day… Woke up and stuck my head outside the tent… Big deer looking right at me 5 feet away… Behing him is 3 more. A whole family… but other times I've seen deer they went running off, except when you drive up in a car on them and they just stand there like statues. But if your not in a car they just run away usually, but not these deer… They just stood there looking right at me staring with these huge eyes and I didn't even know what to do… I went back in the tent and woke up Jon like hysterical and told him to scare them off and he sticks his head out and they're gone like they were never even there. So of course he thinks I'm crazy. I KNOW I saw them and it wasn't just deer. no way.

Day 4
Name: Don
Location: New Orleans, LA

Amazing! I thought this thing was just my boys but its everywhere! There's four of us. We switch off. Each week one guy watches the tape and trips the fuck out for the next seven days. I don't know what that bitch ate for breakfast, but she is PISSED. So for seven days me or one of the other guys gets whacked out on her fireworks. Then after a week he makes another copy and passes it to another one of us, and off that guy goes on his magical mystery tour. We thought it was just us, but this is nuts. Like a cult! Is anyone organizing this. Could be the world's biggest chain letter. Only instead of adding your signature, you have to try and not get fucking killed! Too too sweet.

Day 4
Name: logan
Location: knoxville,TN

i still haven't decided who to give the tape to yet but i'm really freaked out adout it. my cuz and i watched it and we are kinda scared to die so i'm going every trying to find a person to give it to.i'm not the kind of person to lie about what it does so my friends don't want to see it cuz there wusses i guess i am one to cause my cuz had to really sit on me to keep me in the room. so i think i'll give it to my other cuz(courtney),but i don't want her to die though but she very excited about it she kinda want's to die so that's a reason to give it to her. the cuz i watched it with(chelsea)is going to give it to her ex he is a jerk so rock on to chelsea,but she is waiting till the last day i can't do that so tomorrow i'm giving it to courtney and maybe my other cuz(allen)

i was in my car and chelsea was driving and i saw a field full of ladders and i saw "her"(the little girl) in the middle of all of the ladders i sceamed but chelsea just set there at the red light she slowly turned her head and looked at me but didn't say a word later she said she was so scared she couldn't talk aparently she had saw something too, but she wouldn't say day in class i looked up and beside the teacher there she was standing up looking at me with her stingy black hair. i couldn't see her face because of her hair but she was scary(but i'm a chicken any ways).

my notebook is almost filled up so i have to get some another one. i get chilles when i look at them. they are so detailed it scares me plus i suck at drawing. i find my self drawing black circles and eyes just a whole page full but i can't remember drawing them. i'm begining to freak my self out and i found myself crying yesterday. i just want it to stop.

if you don't think you will like what will happen to you when you watch it or you are just really scared of stuff like that don't watch it. i'm telling you i hate it and if for some reason i can't give the tape to some one i just want to say life is good and i love all of you






DAY 5