Day 5
Name: Meg
Location: Wyandotte, MI

My name's Meg, I'm 20 years old and I live in south east Michigan. I work at a nursing home and I first saw the tape when a coworker and I were talking about ghost stories and how eerie it is sometimes to work in a place where almost all of the residents are terminally ill. Someone pretty much dies once a week, or so I've been told. I've only worked here for about a month now, but I have seen three deaths already. I love helping people that genuinely need it, and my husband and I are trying to have children, but we haven't had any success yet. I guess that working with the elderly is the closest I can come to taking care of someone. But it's so hard to see them go.

Anyway, my coworker told me that she saw ghosts sometimes in the building, and I'd had my own experiences as a little girl with what I thought to be spirits. She told me that she had a video of real spirits caught on tape, and after work, we went to her house and she showed it to me. That was when I started to see things, which I thought were caused by the nursing home itself. A woman had just died the same day that I saw the tape, and it sparked my morbid ambitions to see if we could sight her the next day at work. But the visions began before I even returned, and I asked her what she saw, specifically in the home. What I'd been hearing in my head and spotting in the corner of my eye wasn't an old woman, like I had assumed. It was a little girl, and we never had children in the home.

Today is my fifth day, and I found this place. I want to keep watching for more, but I'm scared of going the full seven days. I'm wondering if I should show the tape to one of the patients here. If they're dying, I can't help but wonder if it won't matter in the end, and I don't want to continue the chain. It scares me to think that if I passed it on, the next person might not have anyone to show the tape to. And I'm upset that I didn't know the specifics of the tape before I saw it. My coworker didn't explain it to me before she showed me, and I haven't let her know how pissed off I am that she did. I guess it was lucky for her that I'm appreciating the visions, but the last one really freaked me out.

I was washing my face last night over the sink and I realized that I'd turned the tap off, but I still heard the water. I assumed at first that it was just leaking, or I hadn't turned the knob entirely, but when I looked down from the mirror, I was hanging over a well, and I almost lost my balance and fell forward. I screamed and my husband came into the bathroom, and the well was gone, as was the dripping. When I looked down, there was a huge puddle of water at my feet, and I'd dropped my washcloth into the sink, plugging it up. It felt like a few seconds had passed, but it must have been much longer, to overfill the sink. I turned off the water and didn't mention the tape to him. He would have laughed at me... he doesn't believe in ghosts or supernaturals of any kind.

Anyhow, I just wanted to tell my story this far. Other than the one little scare, it's been an amazing experience. I feel like I can feel things in the home that weren't there before. It's like I have a sixth sense about who's going to leave next, out of all the patients, and I've been spending more time on them, to make the rest of their stay more pleasant.


Day 5
Name: dana
Location: orlando, fl

hello, my name is dana. and though it sounds pathetic, i had this crush on a boy in my high school. the trouble was, he knew it, because i was terrible at hiding my feelings for him. i would offer him rides home with my friends and give him spare change when he walked around the cafeteria asking for money. i used to type his homework in computers class and he'd sit by me and hang out. but whenever school was over, i never saw him, and he was hanging out with a girl i hated.

well, anyway, his name was billy and he'd been sick for a day from school right before this happened. he came back in late the next day, i remember cos he sat in front of me in class. i thought he was sick cos he was being weird and really quiet. billy was always the class clown and made everyone laugh and the teachers didn't like him in class, but they liked him if they weren't really teaching him. so billy comes up to me after class and he asks if i wanna come over his house to see a pirated movie he got from some friend's dad who works in a hotel and keeps spare copies of the movies for paid viewing at the hotels. so he says it's to thank me for helping him with the class. i say i'll be over to see this movie that i don't really want to see at all, but i'll go cos it's him and he asked me. i was so gullible.

when i go over there, he's totally nervous. i thought he just had a crush on me and was afraid to show it when we were in private, but i guess he was scared that i wouldn't want to watch it. so then he tells me the whole story about how some guys dared him to watch it and he knew i'd want to take part in it with him. which is complete crap. but the longer he talks about it, the more i *do* start to believe that this is something special we can have, me and him and no one else, and not that girl he hangs out with every night. i mean, why didn't he ask her if it was so special? he said he stayed home from school just to draw, and he shows me all these pictures he's made. they're really good too. he wants to be a comic book artist, so i can see why he'd suddenly like whatever did this to him, this tape he says. so i ask him who i'm supposed to show it to, if i could die at the end of it, and he tells me we can give it to someone we want to kill and just not tell them about the rules. well, it turns out that the tape has made us closer, and we like comparing and sharing our stories. we're thinking of continuing the chain, starting up a group.

Day 5
Name: Annalisa
Location: Indianapolis, IN

This is the so scary, so fucking scary. I woke up yesterday and my rug was soaking wet. No water on anywhere in the house. The shower is clogged with black hair and mine is blonde. Everywhere I go I feel like I'm being watched. It's not a thrill. Don't let people tell you it is. It's the worst thing in my entire life and if I get out of this I will never ever do anything like this again. People don't get it. It's playing with things we don't understand. Samara has so much rage. If I die it'll be because I deserve it. I shouldn't have fucked with her and now she's going to fuck with me. Jesus. Jesus.

Day 5
Name: Monika
Location: New York

My name is Monika, and I'm writing to share the small story of my fifth day. Today is my day 6, so tomorrow is my last.
Anyway, this little girl has been bothering me almost all day yesterday, I've seen her out of the corner of her eye, and her back was always facing me, except for one time, when I caught a glimpse of her standing in my doorway, and just looking into her eyes filled me with terror. Then, I blinked, and she was gone.
Who is this girl?

Day 5
Name: paige
Location: LA,California

I was staying at my aunt's house for 2 weeks (well almost 3) I watched the tape then the day after my two cousins watched it they are 18 and 15 years old I am 14 but this happened a month ago. well the 15 year old is so stupid he said that he wasn't going to die so he never gave the tape to any body, he was a good friend of mine as well as a cousin. The 18 year old didn't beleive in it but she said when she saw all those things like black hair on the floor of the bathroom and saw the little girl places she passed the tape on to some one I forget who. I passed it on to my best friend.

I saw some creepy things. I wanted to go to day 6 but I couldn't. but that's my story I will never forget my cousin and how he died but I will try to forget the little girl. she may be gone from me now but were she was will haunt me forever.

Day 5
Name: Callum Tucker

b4 I watched the tape I thought it was a load of bullshit, but some weird stuff has happend since i watched it, like my mate took a pic of me with his new camera phone and it was screwed up, so he took some more and it was the same again. So he took his phone back to the shop he got it from and exchanged it for a new one then he took a pic of me again but it was still screwed up, so i told him to take a pic of himself and it was perfict and the same had happened with the other phone. This is only day 5, so i am scared to death about what may or may-not happen very soon but i am not gonna go into the other stuff i have seen as its the same as every one else has put in. If I am still here in two days i will e-mail again but no promises...




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