Day 6
Name: Jenny
Location: Greenville, LA

People don't understand what you're talking about when you tell them what you've experienced. It only makes sense to them if you tell them the same things but say you're on drugs instead of the tape. Even then, they don't know. You'll never know until you see it. it's like a new religion. And she's the prophet. We don't really know what she's teaching us yet, but it feels like her strength grows. the more of Us who believe in Her, the better she'll be able to express herself.

it's such a beautiful thing. For those of you who are afraid of it, you don't understand it. You need to open your Mind to Her and stop being afraid of her. You're one of her children now. If you fight it, she'll only scare you. She moves through you, and she puts your movement into art. She can change your world, and she does it just for you. The longer you go, the closer she gets, but we can't Know Her. We aren't capable of it yet. We can't ask questions that we're not meant to know the answers to. The point is to move the tape along and open the others eyes to her. Teach people not to fear the visions that come with her, but to embrace them. You have never seen anything like her before and you will never see anything like her again once you do. She brings the insects not to frighten us. The insects are nature's renewers, bringing life out of death. They recycle the land and the dead, and bring life back to the circle. They complete the circle. Maybe one day she will come to us herself. maybe she needs more of us.

Don't teach fear. People have been looking at her the wrong way. She's an angel, though she may not look like a conventional one.

Day 6 (almost 7)
Name: Mike
Location: Chicago, Il.

I had a buddy once who told me you're never more alive than when you're about to die. I thought that was pretty fucking stupid, because how would you be able to tell anyone that if you died right after? And since my buddy didn't die, how would he even know? But now, six days in, I realize that there was a man with wisdom. He knew shit I couldn't even comprehend.

It's been almost six full days since the tape, and I've seen the things everyone else says they see. Black, stringy hair. Fingernails. Eyes peeking out of dark places where eyes shouldn't be. I don't know if I'm seeing these things because they're there, because I think they're there, or because they're what everyone else claims and my mind doesn't want to be left out of the fun. They're creepy, terrifying even, but they're not the point. The point is that I'm going to die in one day and my buddy, my dumbass buddy, was right. Best high of my life.

I'm watching the old clock on the table, listening to ticking and tocking, hearing it count down the last minutes of my life. The death clock keeps impeccable time. Fucking impeccable.

Course it's not real. None of it. Because sure I could die, but I'm not. My buddy Needles, who lives down the block and who comes by to play some poker for quarters every Thursday night, is on his way and I'm going to pop the tape into the VCR and serve him up a big helping of instant karma. He'll watch it and then it'll be him on the hook and me in the pink. A nice seven day mindfuck, gift-wrapped and everything. So even now, as I'm one day - from being dead as a doornail, I'm not really very close to being dead at all.

But he's late. Five minutes only, but still. He's always late. Par for the course. No real reason to worry. Probably catching a smoke or something. But he could also be asleep. Or stuck in traffic. Or scared. Because now that I'm this far, 35 minutes from her, the girl and the way she makes you look when she kills you, face like a fucking melted wax figure, I'm pretty scared myself. It's a high, but it's the worst kind because it doesn't wait till its over to bring on the sweats and the chills the feeling in the pit of my stomach that something's really wrong. And I'm seeing Samara and it's been six days since I watched that tape and I sure as fuck hope Needles gets here soon, because I don't think I have the balls to see this all the way through. I'd rather do it myself than have her do it for me. But you gotta accentuate the positive. Should be just another minute or two and Needles will be at the door. I hope.

Day 6
Name: Brian
Location: Dallas, TX

There has been 6 days since I watched the video.. a lot of strange things has happened to me. Few days ago, I was walking in a mall and suddenly everything turned black.. I thought I was going to die. When I woke up the nurse in the hospital said I was choking, and they found some black hair inside my mouth, since that day.. I couldn't sleep. My friends have notices some changes on me, I'm losing weight and look weak. I'm so fucking scared, in any minute I could die... but how? that's the question. A few mins. ago a black haired girl knocked my door, I didn't wanted to open the door, I'm really scared of dying. Sometimes I dream with her, she is nice to me but I can't trust her. I hear her voice everywhere, she's taking the shit out of me... If something really happens to me, these were my last words.
With Love,

Day 6
Name: Austin
Location: Chelsea, NY

My Day 6 or Insight to All that is Life's Meaning

I went thru the days, I have heard a few people say they were terrible, awful, scary, etc etc. I however did not find them anything of the sort. instead, I believe Samara to be a prophet of some type. My almost week length adventure was an spiritual awakening and a re-appreciation for life. I found the DVD on a public transit bus, I picked it up and took it back to my flat where I examined it (no label) and then put it in. what I saw after that seemed like some film student's final project or messing around.

but I liked it. shortly after that I did my nightly ritual of washing and cleaning up my living area, when I started to notice the floor being flushed with dark water. it seemed symbolic, flooding like in the bible. or baptism. my sins were being washed away. I was about to appreciate life.

the days passed and I started googling trying to figure out if what was happening to me was happening to anyone else. sure enough ,it had and was. I was part of a community. we get together every week to experience mind altering states with the help of the DVD/tapes we find and spread.

it was this group that had never had a 6th day experience, so I thought, why not? the 6th day I can tell you is the most testing, which is why it makes it the most important. I have never done a 6th day again, because after knowing its power, one time is enough- but the vision I had that morning will be with me forever. horses, deer, walking on water, fire burning everything yet nothing ever ashing. the sky was black and blue with a moon the size of a basketball in my hands. samara stared. I never saw her face but I know she was smiling. I don't want to detail it too much as it was a very personal experience. but I must say, if you have a trustworthy friend who will watch it at a somewhat safe time on the 6th day, its a must for anyone seeking redemption from this life. did the full 7 days.

Day 6
Name: Michael Harris

Dear Erika,
My name's Michael. I am 12 years old. I decided to have a look at this tape thing because i just thought it was a big piece of shit or something. I'm sorry i cant get a photo of my face...i dont have a camera =( I live in Michigan.

Day 1
I woke up and heard these wierd noises coming from my back yard, it sounded like a a crashing noise. So i look out the back window, i see like 5 or 6 ladders on the ground shattered into pieces. That day at school, i couldn't think or concentrate....i was just drawing wierd circles and ladders... i was just spaced out for the rest of that day.

Day 2
I was eating breakfast...and all of a sudden...i start choking and black hair started come was just a little...but i never ate black hair.....?what the hell is going on? Then when i walked to school...i saw my friends passing by on the bus and i waved and stuff....then when the bus passed...i saw a little girl with black hair standing across the street just staring at me. Then another car passed and she was gone...i blinked with confusion looking where she was before. Then in 7th hour (home room), my home room teacher had a family of flies coming out of his hair! He just acted as if normal....same with the others in the class. He asked me to come up and draw wut i have for question #4. So i went up, avoiding the infested head. I didn't even know i was drawing...i was just standing there, my brain somewhere else; and i drew a huge circle and ladder with a little girl standing under it. When i finally looked to see wut i drew...i was shocked and frightened. I ran out of the room crying and was caught in the hall by a teacher..i was taken to the office where i was picked up by my parents.

Day 3
It was Saturday... so i was gonna sleep in...but all night i kepted hearing static sound and scratching. I got my mom...she said it was just the plumbing...and the scratching was Fluffums, my cat. I tried to rest...i really did...but i couldn't. So i got up and saw my cat getting water from her bowl in the kitchen...the scratching noise kept going. I was scared to DEATH! So i ran outside to my friends house a couple blocks away to tell him wut happened.

Day 4
It was Sunday... getting up hearing the static but not the scratching...trying to ignore it. I got a bowl of Rice Crispys and sat down at the table. I kept a journal of my drawings...skipping to the page titled Day 4, getting ready for the horror day to come. I looked out side where the dark woods were and some deer came out of the woods and came right up to the window! They just stood there staring at me with huge eyes. I ran to the living room with my bowl of cereal, spilling half of it on the way. Then i just ignored them for the rest of the day.

Day 5
I woke up, got the shower...did the usual routeen to get ready. Went to school...we got our year books that day. I flipped to my class... MY FACE WAS ALL DEMENTED AND MESSED UP!! I went to the office...they said it's to late to get another one...but, even if i had gotten another one, i knew it would come out the same. I was so FREAKED!! In the hall, i saw a hole in the ground in the shape of a circle...i ran away and looked at it wasn't there.

Day 6
One day left...I was to scared to do anymore of this! So i copyed the tape and gave it to my enemy, a witch bitch. She's a back stabbing asshole...
Hope you and your friends get something from my experience!,
From Michael

Day 6
Name: Chelsea
Location: Alcoa, TN.

Here's the thing, me and my boyfriend went to rent a cabin for a week for the weekend after my birthday...(we are engaged) So anyways, before we went we stopped at his best friend's house to borrow some videos. We had watched "The Ring" before and I was freaked out just after watching the movie. His friend told us he had the video tape in his room and i'm the type who doesn't believe until I I made a bet that if he did have it in his room that I had to watch it the last night of our stay at the cabins. Sure enough, he had it so I was stuck watching it. I wasn't too freaked out over losing the bet but on the last night of our stay at the cabins, I was too afraid to watch it. But my boyfriend said we would watch it together so I was kinda excited about that. I REGRET WATCHING THE TAPE NOW BECAUSE I HAVE ONE MORE DAY TO PASS IT ON TO SOMEONE OR I DIE. I WILL BE GONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

I've tried everyone to give it to and so has my boyfriend. He tried to give it to his best friend but turns out, that is why he gave it to us to watch so he was out of the picture. I AM MAD AT HIM NOW!!! But anyways I can't stand my neighbor (CALLISSA) so I offered it to her to watch but she was too caught up with herself that she didn't have any time to watch it, or so she says.

Now I am the tape and one more day. I hope that someone will be able to take and keep passing it on.

I was driving over a bridge at like 2 in the morning last night. I was half asleep (on my way home from work) when I closed my eyes for a split second and opened them again and I seen a girl sitting on her knees in front of the car. I screamed and swirved and almost hit the side of the bridge. She was still there when she started crawling to my car door. I couldn't move but when she reached I beeped the horn and locked my door. All of the sudden she looked to her right and then just disapeared. Then a man started knocking on my door. That was truely the scariest night of my life. THE SCARIEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!! I am still a little freaked out about it and I can't go anywhere in my house or even driving anymore without being scared.

This morning I saw the back of her. She was standing in front of a picture of me and my boyfriend. I couldn't do anything but stand there in shock, again. She slowly turned her head all the way around and looked at me and then disapeared. Our picture had a wet hand print on it and the glass was cracked.

My boyfriend eventually passed it on to his other friend's ex-girlfriend. I think I may give it to my ex-boyfriend. I don't know and I DO NOT want to die.

Day 6
Name: Lee
Location: NYC

my name is Lee, I'm from new york city, i am 13 years old, here are my experiences.

Day 1: before i watched this tape, i thought it was a bunch of crap, some person made it all up just for a prank, to get back at someone. after i watched it i felt the same as normal, nothing was wrong...yet. and then the phone call, i figured my brother would have a friend call, to trick me, but the voice didn't even sound human. that night i started to hear a scratching noise.

Day 2: today in school at the end of the day, i went to my locker, there was something wet all around it, i thought maybe a pipe bursted or something. i opened it and saw a hand was hers. i gasped for breath and was choked out, long black hair, and wondered where the hell it came from.

Day 3: i went walking today, to think, and hopefully get some silence. it was so gloomy out, foggy. i walked to the small lake near the park and sat on the bench, on the other side of the lake i saw her, for a few moments, then she disappeared.

Day 4: today when i got up and walked over to the mirror in the bathroom, not only were the carpets soaked but when i looked into the mirror behind me i saw her. her back was to me, when i turned around, no one was there. no one...nothing.

Day 5: i can't find anyone to give the tape to, and time is running out. today i saw her face, it's hard to explain, so i'll just say she had an evil mischievous look on her face. she walked towards me, with her hand outstretched, i was frozen in terror for a moment, but then i got my senses back, and ran like there's no tomorrow, when i looked back she was gone.

Day 6: This...this isn't right at all. i see her everywhere...when i turn around she's always there watching my every move, waiting for something (but what is that something?).

i've seen things that others have also said they've seen. it's terrifying, but can't anyone else see...she is feeding off of this.... chain, of passing the tape around taking more and more people...the fear, she uses it to her advantage. those of us that have gotten this far need to fight it, or this will never end. this is so fucking messed up.

well, i hope these "experiences" help u and ur friends.




DAY 4 

DAY 5