Name: Bethany Greene


One night i was at my friend’s house, and we watched the movie The Ring. After the movie, we heard the doorbell ring... we were so scared we nearly crapped our pants. My friend answered it, and no one was there. She looked down and saw a tape. She took it inside, and we were wondering what it was, so we put it in the VCR and watched it. It was about five minuets long… and watching that movie was the worst mistake of my life.

Day 1: I awoke to the sound of hammering... people were working on my house. Being the artist that i am, i decided to draw them working. I worked for an hour drawing them, but when i looked at my paper i saw ladders floating in air and a little girl sitting down beside them. i thought nothing about it. The only thought that came to my mind was "Oh my gawd - when did i suck at art?" It was very hot that day but in the middle of the night, i woke up feeling icy cold. i pulled up my blanket but nothing seemed to warm me. i fell back asleep. Nothing else happened that night.

Day 2: I went to my friend’s house and we decided to take pictures... cause that’s what we always did. This time the pictures didn’t come out right. My face was blurry in all the pictures, but hers was the same. Then she shouted "OH MY GOD – THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED AFTER YOU SEE THE TAPE." i thought nothing of it and was like "oh yeah, that tape’s gonna kill me." Maybe I’m wearing too much make-up. i tried to think. When i got home, i started to get scared. i went to the computer and googled it. i found this web site and knew that what i was experiencing was real.

Day 3: I Knew today that i would experience something with something burning. I went to church, and guess what they were talking about... they were talking about the burning bush from when Moses set the Egyptians free. i started to get very freaked out.

Day 4: I could just feel something bad was going to happen today - i just felt it. And i was right. i looked at the websight and saw the picture of the deer, and i knew something was going to happen in the forest. i was right. On the news, a hunter was trampled by a deer and was in critical condition - they weren’t expecting him to live. And the scary thing was that i lived right by that forest. To get my mind off things, me and my mom took a walk. We were walking when all of a sudden, i noticed for the first time an old house. It was burned down and shabby looking. Me and my mom wanted to have a closer look, so we went to the back yard. There in the back yard was a well. I quickly said, "mom, lets go
somewhere else" so we did. i think that she could sense that i was scared in some way by that well.

Day 5: I knew my time was going to be over soon, so i decided to make the best of the few day i had left. For some reason, i wanted to go back to that house really bad, so i walked there with my mom. She told me that i couldn’t go in the house – it wasn’t safe. She told me i could go into the barn though. i walked into the barn. It was completely empty, except for the loft. i could see things up there. i walked up into the loft, and there was a bed there and pictures of a girl with black hair. There was also a collection of other pictures of people with their faces all blurry.

Day 6: I was so scared. i thought day six would be my last day ever on this earth. i spent the whole day with my best friends and nothing strange happened. Until i went to bed. i had a dream, and i was talking to the girl with the long black hair. She told that she wouldn’t kill me if i did one thing for her. She made me promise that i would dig a well in my back yard and throw the tape in it.

Day 7: I did exactly what she told me to do… and i didn’t die. She still comes and visits me in my dreams sometimes. But i guess we are starting to become friends...