Name: Kelly White
Location: Port Orange, FL
Current Age: 13 

7 days ago, i got this cursed tape from a place called Shelter Mountain. At first, when i found this website, i thought it was just a practical joke. But i realize now that the cursed tape and Samara Morgan are real. To show you that i am a victim, i am going to type my experiences here.

Day 1: I had just watched the tape, and i thought it was a practical joke. But then some really creepy things started happening to me. After i watched the tape at Shelter Mountain, in cabin 13, i went home and went up to my room to listen to some music. But when i opened the door, i saw a ladder against my wall. I pulled out my camera and documented it. Oh, and i did not receive a phone call. Oh, and i saw the tape on Saturday.

Day 2: I got out of bed, and i went downstairs to the sweet aroma of pancakes. When i sat down and started to dig in to the pancakes i noticed the shape of an eye in the syrup on my plate.

Day 3: I had a creepy nightmare: I had just gotten up out of bed at 3:00 in the morning to get a glass of water. When i started to drink, i choked on something: it was an electrode with a white disc on the very top. After that experience, i went back to bed, but just when i started to get in bed, i saw a big puddle on my bedroom floor. I saw a chair, and their was this little girl with black hair sitting in it. So i went over to her to ask her who she was, and what she was doing in my room. When i got over there she lifted up her left arm and then she grabbed me on my arm really tight and hard. It really, really burned, and then i woke up and the marks from her hand and fingers were still there.

Day 4: Today my mom and i went to the movies, and on the way back we took a shortcut to the house through the woods, and we hit a deer that was running towards us on purpose.

Day 5: Today i took a hot shower. I got in and then the water turned ice cold, so i figured my mom was washing dishes with hot water. I started to step out of the shower to tell my mom that i was in the shower, when suddenly this same little girl from my nightmare appeared, and she whispered in my ear: “2 days left”.

Day 6: I started to see these needles everywhere i went. It really freaked me out.

Day 7: I am really starting to freak out. Today’s Saturday. She just appeared to me and said, “i will see you at 12:00 tonight”. I do not know what to do. I called everyone i could remember from 7th grade, and they would not answer their phones. If any of you have any advice of what i could do to save myself type back. Please somebody help me.