Name: Lisa
Location: New Orleans, LA


My name is Lisa, and I’m from NOLA. After Katrina, me and my friends were pretty depressed, and this guy told us that this tape was just like going on acid. I'd seen the ring movie, so i was skeptical. He decided to tell the truth and he told me that it was his girlfriend, and she was terrified and kept seeing things and shaking and saying "she's right next to us," but she wouldn’t let him watch. My friends and i thought that it was retarded how scared she was, so we agreed, so that she would be okay.

The tape was so weird, but i really can’t remember it now, like it was all a dream. We watched it together, and we had a sleepover that night. One of my friends woke up screaming. She said that she saw a girl and that’s when we all started to worry.

The next day, in math class (in the transition school where only one of my friends was), i zoned out, and i can’t remember anything from that class. When the bell rang, i looked down at my notebook and saw that i had drawn rings and a ladder, and i had written the name Rachel in weird handwriting. i went to tell my friends at lunch what had happened, and they had drawn pretty much the same thing.

That night when i went to take a shower, i started the water, and got a towel. When i looked at my shower, there was a figure in it and i screamed and ran out of the room. i heard a voice, but i dont know what it said. Deciding not to take a shower, i went on my computer to decide what me and my friends were going to do. When i started my computer, an image of a well showed up. i closed my eyes, and when i opened them it was gone. i kept seeing wells everywhere and after seeing it, i sat on my bed and i closed my eyes, and when i opened them, i was ACTUALLY next to a well. i could even feel it. Here's the weird part: i didn’t want to leave!! i think Samara (or whatever the hell her name is) makes you WANT to see her… i didn’t feel like myself... it almost seemed like i WAS Samara... i later read that Samara is closer to some people than to others, and i believe she was very close to me. 

At my school there are a bunch of suicidal kids, so i asked them if they would like to watch the tape. Even after i explained what would happen, they seemed *excited* about it. All my friends and i made copies and gave them to the kids. They said they were going to wait until day 7 to show it to someone else. That night none of my friends had nightmares except me, even though i knew the kid had watched it. i had only gotten to day 4. My friend and i were switching schools because we didn’t want to be around those kids anymore. i gave the kids my number, just in case they needed advice on what would be day 7. One kid called me and was worried. she said she had gone to day 5 when she and her friends  passed it on. Except one girl. She sounded so terrified and begged me to call that girl. When i did, no one answered. The next day it was reported that the same girl had run away, but i don’t think that’s what happened.

Sometimes i still see Samara, only for a second, when i walk down the street. You don’t have to put my whole story on the website, as long as you put this warning: what you see during these days will scar you forever. Samara still visits you even after you’ve passed it on. The tape is not just a seven day contract, but a lifetime guarantee.