Name: Nicole Sulzmann
Location: Chicago, IL
Current Age: 13

at the time i was 11 or 12, now im 13 and the hauntings still continue. I came accross the tape when the first few weeks of SIH was around. The tape was my number one priority after i watched it. I remember just smoothing my way along the coasts of a message boards when i came accross the link. I was surprised. I had never seen the ring or known about it until it was too late. I pressed play ignoring the large red WARNING sign state my ..suposed fate. one the video was done i didnt recive a phone call, unlike many others. I stood not thinking much of it and walked to the bathroom. I did my thing and stood walking tword the sink and i looked in the mirror, nothing unusual. I turned the foset and no water came out. I looked back up into the mirror as an imidate reaction from the feeling of being watched. What elce was there then the cold dampness of a witherd forest and the little girl who at the momment scared me more then even the dark. I blinked and everything was gone and i felt the water runninng on my hands. i figgured it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I crept back into my room and layed down to sleep there was nothing more that night.

Day 1 (offically): i awoke to the smell of what seemed to be well water and to my knowladge the vage scent of what usualy would be a good breakfast that my mum would cook.I stood and i felt my feet suddenly become soaked. Small puddles of water were formed in my carpet, step by step fourm. i figured my dar or mother had just taken a shower and had come to check on my durring the early hours still not dry yet. I opend the door and the smell of the old water became worse. I looked for leaks in the sinks and anything elce but nothing was found. I asked my brother about the smell and he told me i had to be dreaming or he had a stuffy nose because nothing smelled to him. the smell didnt go away. i went to sleep tossing and turningtrying to find everyway to stop the scent, but nothing worked.

Day 2: i steped into the halls of the school on monday morning with bags hanging from my eyes, and my head pounding. The smell was gone for starts on th good page, but somthing elce was bad. I had always know that i have had a conection with the dead. Ive heard screams from the dead constantly, but todays were diffrent, crys of hatered and joy, the crys of a little girl. I listend to them all day till they turnd to sadness and woe. i walked to my locker and grabed my calculator for math. as i opend it i saw black hair spew from it and watched it lay on my desk. I screamed and my teatcher kindly pointed me out of the room. I the rest of the day in the main office drew circles of wich i couldnt remember drawing over and over again.

Day 3: things got worse. the screaming got worse the head aches got worse, the smell got worse, and the static on the tv got worse.

Day 4: I was afraid to shower, but i did anyway but i didnt close my eyes once. i steped out and saw her there she was, a black dot of paint dripping onto and old white canvus it seemed, and then the maggots crawled into my flesh. I hated it. That night i had a dream, an odd one. I looked into the moniter of my computer sceen. AIM was on and some one was messaging me. They told me she was coming to get me, that she was close. Then they told me she was there, i fell over screaming and saw the ring on my screen, words i couldnt read flashed before it.

Day 5: she was watching me, stalking me and talking to me, the same dream the same catch.

Day 6: i had one more day and she made it worse. I layed down on my bed and called a friend, the conection ont eh phone was bad but it was fine to talk through. I closed my eyes for a matter of what was a few seconds and then opend them still talking to my friend and something cold, wet, and horribly oderd grabed my arm, it burnned, it was her and all i asked was "Who are you" but she knew i knew she kindly wispered for me though "Samara Morgan" and i managed to sqeal out "please dont kill me, i dont want to die i dont want to" and she giggled. She was laughing at me as i cryed and begged for my life and spoke softly as if she were an angel "Your already dead" My friend hadent heard a word and i was more scared then ever.

Day 7: Im one of the only lucky too. Now she calls me mommy and i gladly refer to her as my daughter, she is not an evil being, she is a missunderstood young eight year old girl. I know the truth and i have forever. shes told me the truth and if anyone questions it they pay. Ive seen it done. I have no regrets and im proud to say i have taken in Samara to my heart. The WellDeadGirl doesnt give in and neither do I. I love her.


If any questions need to be asked:
AIM: Samaraandthetape
RINGS Communities member name:"WellDeadGirl"