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        The Ring (2002)

A remake of the Japanese horror sensation Ringu.   

A mysterious videotape containing nightmarish images is being passed around Seattle, killing people one week after they watch it. Newspaper reporter Rachel Keller's (Naomi Watts) niece is found dead after viewing the tape, and Rachel uses her investigative reporter skills to solve the mystery. After watching the tape, Rachel receives an ominous phone call telling her that she has only seven days left to live.  


    The Ring Two (2005)

The sequel to the American remake, directed by Hideo Nakata, who directed Ringu.

Rachel and her son Aidan have moved out of their Seattle high-rise to a quaint house in a small Oregon town. Rachel starts a new job at a dull local newspaper. Unfortunately, there is still a mysterious videotape being passed around, killing anyone who watches it within seven days. Rachel realizes that Samara has tracked her down with the intention of using Aidanís body as her own. Rachel again must investigate Samaraís history to find the answers she needs to stop the evil.

DVD includes an excellent short film Rings that bridges to the sequel. 

    Ringu (1998)

The one that started it all... Ringu exploded from obscurity since it first premiered in Japan in 1998 and has attained cult status with horror fans all over the world. It is based on a novel (the first of a trilogy), written by Japanese horror author Koji Suzuki, that tells the tale of a cursed videotape.

Journalist Reiko Asakawa (Nanako Matsushima) is working on a story for her television station concerning the urban legend of a cursed videotape. After watching the tape, she has seven days to discover its secrets.  


    Rasen (1998)

Rasen was the first attempt at a sequel to Ringu. It picks up where Ringu left off, focusing on the investigation into the bizarre deaths of the main characters from that movie. The surprise conclusion is that there is no evil spirit -- it's a virus that makes you see horrible things before you die.

Rasen attempts to offer a scientific explanation for the strange, metaphysical events of the cursed videotape.


    Ringu 2 (1999)

Beginning where Ringu left off, the sequel features Reiko's ex-husband's assistant Mai (Miki Nakatani) trying to break the curse when Reiko's son develops psychic death-vision powers. Mai spends much of the movie in mental institutions trying to understand the mystery and release Reiko's son from the spirit of Sadako. 

The movie is a spiritual journey into the background of Sadako.   


    Ringu 0 (2000)

Ringu 0 is the final film in the Ringu series. 

The movie takes us back 30 years before the videotape to learn the origins of Sadako - the girl in the well. Sadako (Yukie Nakama) is an college actress in Tokyo who is so nuanced that she draws the hatred of her fellow actors. This leads to Sadako being beaten to death by the acting troupe, and she returns as a ghost to extract her revenge.

A very moody and very artistic film.

    Ringu Anthology of Terror

This boxed DVD set contains the entire Ringu set of four films:

Ringu 2
Ringu 0


    The Ring Virus (1999)

The Korean version of Ringu.  

The Ring Virus adds a twist to the story of the videotape -- there is a spell to break the curse -- and a backstory involving the young woman, named Eun-suh in this film.  There is also a subplot that attempts to provide a semi-rational explanation for Eun-suhís strange powers.  

This movie follows the original Japanese novel much closer than either Ringu or The Ring.






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