I received this email yesterday & wanted to share it with you all... I finally know what happened to Jake. It’s a very sad reminder to be careful when dealing with the TAPE

Hi Erika,
I knew Jake. My name's Amanda and we went to school together. Someone told me they had found a website with his picture on it, and I didn't believe it until I found this site myself. My friend Emily was with Jake the night he died. It was terrble and she hasn't been the same since. People are saying it was some kind of electrocution accident, having to do with water or something. But after seeing this, I don't believe that. He watched that tape. And he died. I hope anyone who reads this will understand that people do die from this. Not only did Jake die, but I lost my friend Emily because of it too. I've attached a picture I took of his obituary clipping. Feel free to use it on your site.

I also have Jake's lost videos
they are of his last days.


   vid1    vid2    vid3    vid4

Who is Jake?

He was emailing me a while back and then i stopped hearing from him. His friend Vanessa sent an email on what she said was Jake’s Day 8 – go to day 4 to read her story. I haven’t heard from Jake and Vanessa isn’t answering me.

these are some of the emails he sent me, along with some of his drawings. I am still looking to find out if he made it or not:: pls email me if u know.

Hi Erika
My name's Jake and I just found your site. it's a great resourece, i was so stoked to realize that the Rings exist everywhere. It's like being part of some underground thing, it kinda made me think of fight Club or something like that. Anyway i am on Day 3 right now and the experience is totally intense. I've been trying to record everything I see. There was a ladder in the middle of the hallway at my school and that was just day 1, i managed to get it on videotape. I don't know how to transfer it onto my computer or I'd send ti to you. instead I've included a couple of pictures, one taken a while back and the other taken after i'd watched the tape. I'm also sending some things I drew over the past couple days.
Thanks again for making this site. Ill be in touch.
Later - Jake

I'm in Oregon. I saw the tape at a PSU party, from what my friends tell me it's been gouing around there for a little while. i think someone brought it down from their hometown up in WA. Where'd your tape come from?

Whaddup E?
I am FLYING right now. This is like, beyond acid trip. No one else can see this shit but me! i stood in the parking lot at school today and filmed a well in the handicap spot for 15 minutes. Everyone else was busy trying to get to their car, beat the traffic rush out of the lot, didn't even know what was really going on around them. This is like a different reality - a new dimension. why would anyone want it to stop?

Holy shit. It's getting towards the end of Day 4 and i have to say this is starting to be a little less fun. My computer just freaked out on me and there were maggots coming up through my keyboard. what the hell?

Did you ever see the girl? there was water like, flying down my hallway into a puddle on the wall. i tried to touch it and she grabbed me, my arm. It burned like hell and now I have a hand-shaped burn mark where she toucehd me. This really isn't so cool anymore. I thought i'd see things. ONLY see htings. Who is this girl? What does she want from me? my friends keep telling me this is all part of a greater plan but I really don't know. I think my tail is getting scared. i don't know what's oging to happen to me. please - any advice or information you can give me will be a big help.

This is it. Day 7. I don't know what i'm going to do now I've been calling everyone i can think of to find someone to watch this goddamn tape. My tail backed out, I tried showing the tape on the screen at a local sotr and got kicked out.. my hands are shaking so hared it's hard to type thias I think the girl is coming for me i keep seeing hr everywhre. this chick fom school i know she has a thing for me I'm gonig to call her and see it she'll come over she's my last chnce. you might no thear form me again so good luck and please keep giving poeple this information. it's very important. thanks for being a friend during this crazy time




DAY 4 

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