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Responding to popular demand, we’ve resuscitated the RINGS community.  The RINGS phenomenon continues to spread.  We’ve heard from many people over the past few years, each with unique experiences (including some potential new videos that open different windows to the other side).

We receive e-mails, pictures, drawings, video, etc. from many parts of the world. Many thanks to the people in these RINGS who have shared their experiences.  We try to post as much as possible.  The more information we collect and share, the more educated we all will be.  Different theories are emerging on what is actually happening, and we’re working to uncover the truth. 

As many of you have told us, it is important to proceed forward in experiencing and understanding this – to honor those that have suffered (or died) en route.

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If you are new to RINGS:

- Read why we are here
- To truly understand this site, you must see the TAPE
   (without that, not much here will make sense)
- Most importantly, document everything!

- Check out some of the films based on this phenomena

- Follow related links for more info

If you are part of a RING,
or are experiencing HER world:
- Explore other people's experiences, including audio & video
- Look around, you are not alone
- Discuss your experience on the message board
- Do you know other RINGS? Invite them to come here.
   We are trying to locate all of them






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